Pierce The Earth

The release of a beast that has been restrained for to long of time has come to light with the release of ‘Pierce The Earth’ from Dark Machine Nation. It comes out screaming with the brutal title track giving way to quick attacks on bass rhythms an vocals with latent samples, good way to start the mayhem. ‘Cannons’ !!! WOW !!! Now this brings the bass to ear an bass to heart. I hear sorts of hardcore influence in not only this song but the CD/release in a hole. ‘Depletion’ has a nice creepy sample that brings out the vocals and leads the listener into an asylum of sounds. ‘Liar In Chief’ brings this release to life along with ‘Wreckage’ seems Dark Machine Nation has found they’re way. ‘Attack’ set’s the standard for noise with over the top rhythms and samples. ‘Fury’ stands alone as a diffing track to this release. Making sure the listener understands the ways of our cities. This release also comes with some remixes, which I thought was a good idea to throw in. Over all this is a must have for those that have a love for the power that is noise…

Review by Mark Hardware (re:noize)


Internet-label Synth-Me presents the first release of the year 2019. German project Stahlschlag was created in the first half of 00s and during its career had released five studio full-length albums. The last album was released also on Synth-Me in 2016 and was followed by the remix compilation, which included remixes of Stahlschlag’s track by other projects and Stahlschlag remixes for colleagues. In the end of 2018 also the Christmas EP was released. The new work is called “Annihilation” and contains 14 completely new tracks made in classic smashing rhythmic noise. Powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for industrial dancefloor madness. Crazy mechanic thrillers with elements of such post-industrial genres as dark electro, TBM and electro-industrial are mixed with viscid slow tracks with oldschool sound influences and even ambient pieces will not leave indifferent all the rough electronic music fans. The album will be available for free download on the Synth-Me official website, on the Bandcamp page of the label and also on different music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc on January 31st. The physical release of limited CD edition is planned also by the project itself. The same date as the original version the remix album will be released either. It will include remixes in different electronic and industrial genres made by friends and colleagues. 26 remixes from [Fabrikmutter], LaUD23, Dirty K, Morbid Echo and many other will be also available for free download. 17 remixes from the mentioned above release will be included in bonus CD of the physical release. Links for the album on all platforms and CD order will be available on January 31st. Synth it up! The songs on CD 1 (The Album) written and mixed by Sebastian Sünkler (STAHLSCHLAG) in 2018. CD 1 (The Album) mastered by Mark Hardware & Rob Early at Retrogramme studios. Additional mastering on CD 1 (The Album) and on CD 2 (The Remixes) by Sebastian Sünkler (STAHLSCHLAG). Cover artwork by ElectronicPassion.